Mini-Macro Small Scales
Large Evidence Scales

Mini-Macro Scales / Evidence Scales

Mini-Macro Scales

Perfect for photographing small objects, scars, curved surfaces, etc. These precision scales are 6" long and flexible.

High-visability black-on-yellow design glows in UV light.

Sturdy plastic will last practically forever.

Scar photo with Mini-Macro for Scale.

Millimeter scale numbers ascend on front and descend on back. Large number is visible from 15 feet away. The is plenty of space for a case number.

Scales may be written on with a soft lead pencil, Vis-a-Vis colored markers or a china marker.

Magnetic Mini-Macro Scales

Identical to the ALPS Mini Macro, but magnetic on one side. Available as a set of 6 with three magnetic scales reading left to right and the other three right to left.

ALPS Mini-Macro Scales (set of 12): $15.00
ALPS Magnetic Mini-Macro Scales (set of 6): $15.00

Mini-Macro Scales with Custom Logos

Mini-Macros may be custom printed with your Agency's logo or seal. Contact your own Agency for help using logos.

Telephone for Custom Printing quotation:
(404) 872-2577

36" Extendable
Photo-evidence Scales

This 3 piece set of scales is ideal for documenting larger objects.

A high contrast black on yellow design shows exceptionally well when photographed.

Scales come in Hardwood style or flexible, long-lasting plastic.

All three scales have verticle numbering on one side and horizontal on the other.

In addition, two include regular numbering, and the other has reverse numbering.

A clip is included to connect two scales together and one side continues to 6 feet for larger measurments.


Evidence scales are easily readable in both color and B&W photographs.

Flexible plastic scales glow in UV light. Note: Hardwood scales do not glow.

Used by Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies
Evidence Photographers Worldwide

36" Hardwood Scales (set of 3) : $29.95
36" Flexible plastic Scales (set of 3) : $34.95

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