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Please note that all photos displayed are far more detailed than we can show on this website.  
Z Dayz Group Panorama
  This is the Z Dayz group panorama photo of the Z cars.
It was taken on Saturday, May 22, 2010, at the Fontana Village Resort in Fontana, NC.
The prints are 10 inches by 5 feet long and are available for ordering by clicking the order now button.
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These panorama photos are printed on real archival photo paper to last for 100+ years.
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Thanks for taking part in this special event!

close up of very back row
Mini Cooper Group Panorama

This 10" X 60" panoramic photo was taken on May 1, 2010, of almost 180 cars positioned in a circle
on the baseball field at Fontana Village Resort in Fontana, NC.

Atlanta Panorama provides specialized group panoramic services for large groups so that everyone can be seen well.
Our pre-planning is the key to this kind of coverage.
A shoot such as this can be done by us, with the cooperation of the group being photographed,
in around an hour's time from start to finish. If you have a large group that is just begging to be photographed.
Please contact us for scheduling.

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Atlanta Panorama

e are specialists in the panoramic photography of huge groups,
using modern
rotational panoramic cameras that revolve up to 360 degrees
while the picture is being taken.

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