Into entry point
Flags slip over Bullet Path

    The use of bullet paths in forensics and demonstrative evidence has been prevalent since the late 1960's and remains the standard for tracing multiple bullet trajectories through walls, doors, vehicles, and even people. Our ALPS Bullet Path Kit is quickly put to work simply by attaching the matching numbered flags to the durable steel rods, inserting them into the point of entry and the point of exit holes, and aligning them to the trajectory path. In conjunction with our victim people, our path kits provide a powerful visual for crime scene re-creation.  
    Rods can be placed to show multiple trajectories (as seen to the above) or strings can be attached to the rods to trace a long path (as seen below it).
Each Bullet Path Kit comes with 10 rods in a sturdy storage tube,
and one numbered entry flag and one numbered exit flag for each rod.

10 Rod Bullet Path Kit : $89.95
WARNING : The Bulet Path
Kit contains sharpened steel rods.
In order to prevent a potentially
serious injury, use extreme
caution and wear saftey goggles
when handling these rods.
Entry                                                                              Exit
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